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As with all "First Printings," mistakes do happen. An errata sheet has been added to correct the few errors and misprints in the book. Here is a link so you can download the sheet and make the necessary corrections. If you find any that aren't on the sheet, feel free to write. The second printing of the spiral book will have the corrections. The corrections were all made for the perfect bound book available at Barnes & Noble.

A new addition has been added at the request of some book stores. We have added a perfect bound edition for the convenience of stores that need to display their books with binding facing out. The book is the same but the cover has been modified for visibility in a retail situation.

Musicians still prefer the spiral bound edition, but it can be purchased either way.

If a perfect bound book is required for your school, library or store please request it when ordering. If no request for perfect bound is specified, the spiral bound version will be shipped.