I find most educators have a difficult task when it comes to teaching improvisation. Younger students are overwhelmed by chord symbols, scales, modes, and the concepts that improvisation entails.

Band directors have the job of putting together a concert and teaching the students their individual instruments. An improvised solo is always an afterthought for band directors while they keep their fingers crossed.

Older students may have spent years reading classical music and lack the practical knowledge to free them from the printed score.

I developed this method from many years of study and performing on stage. My will jump start your students and have them creating their own solos in a short time.

Allan Meyerson



Workshops can be set up at your school, church, organization, or any other venue, as well as my Pennsylvania location. There is no need for your students or staff to travel to a workshop.

The desire to learn a basic approach to improvisation is all you need. The workshop will be based on an easy to understand method that will give the participants a practical way to approach soloing in jazz, blues, rock or pop music.

Workshops can be either a one, three or a full five day event. The longer the workshop, the more opportunity there is for the participants to play and participate in the music.

Please feel free to just click on the workshop button below and fill out some basic contact information.

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