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If you have a basic knowledge of your instrument and can play most of the major scales you have all the tools you need to improvise.

Over the years I've found that students are taught just to read notes on a page. These workshops are intended to take those musicians and give them the basic knowledge to move to the next step of musical performance.

Hearing that guitarist wail, or that sax player's solo, is what inspired us to play in the first place.

None of those musicians are reading notes on a page! They have all learned over many years what sounds good in a certain song.

These workshops are all the concepts I have learned in my decades of playing and studying with the greats. I have codified and condensed all that knowledge into three basic rules.

Classically trained musicians have all the skill and technique to read a song exactly as written by someone else, but lack the knowledge or confidence to create a simple improvised solo.

When you've completed one of these workshops, you will be on your way to create an inspiring solo yourself.

Allan Meyerson

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Principles of First Steps to Jazz Improvisation can be taught in a workshop environment. Author Allan Meyerson presents the ideas in the book in a step-by-step style that leads the participants in a logical, and easy to understand, group session. "If you can play major scales you can improvise!"

All books and learning materials will be included. Just bring a pencil and a musical instrument of your choice.


Workshop Dates

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One Day Jazz Workshop

The one day workshop can be taught where a time constraint is a factor. Although all the ideas of the book are imparted to the students, there is less time for the individuals to play and experiment with the music. This is a great five hour session for those people that have been playing for a long time but have little or no concept of jazz notation and where to begin.

Adult One Day Workshop

The emphasis on:

Three Day workshop

This is a three day, five hours per day, workshop. It will have all the information of the one day workshop plus more time to play and experiment. In addition to the information above, the workshop will include:

Five Day Workshop

This workshop is six hours a day for five days. It will have all the above information and a lot more play time. All the information in the book will be discussed thoroughly. Some jazz history and a discussion of styles will be presented. By the end of the week everyone should be able to have the knowledge needed to begin their journey into improvisation. Every participant will be given an opportunity to play.

Young Adults 2016

Five Day Beginning Jazz Workshop for Young Adults

All the workshops are taught in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. Arrangements can be made to have them taught at your location. The workshops can be set up by age or skill level. The author has taught the workshops to young teens as well as octogenarians.

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Five Day Advanced Jazz Workshop for Young Adults

This new workshop was added to broaden the knowledge acquired in the Beginning Jazz Workshop. Designed for students with the basic understanding of chords, scales and progressions, this workshop will teach young musicians a practical application using songs. Requirements for this workshop is previous attendance of the Beginning Jazz Workshop or Audition. All instruments accepted. Ages 12 - 18

Students may take the Beginning Jazz Workshop and The Advanced Workshop back to back.

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These workshops will change your approach to music forever!